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SmartWall spraybooth extension from CARHEAL with a retractable electronic awning. When not in use, the awning is retracted, freeing up valuable floor space. 

A unique, state-of-the-art and patented indoor solution for providing a pollution free workzone.


For minor damage non-structural repairs inside a workshop where dust and fume extraction is necessary.  Manufactured exclusively in Denmark by Carheal International, the SmartWall programme features revolutionary new high-quality, composite materials with anodized aluminum frames which are hi-strength, durable, light weight, low noise and high gloss for easy cleaning. The light-weight, easily assembled modules makes the SmartWall programme the most flexible of the CARHEAL spray booths.


  • The Black Box captures and reports all data and user statistics in real time! All data is fed back to relevant stakeholders on a real-time basis, with accurate up to the minute information.

    Essential for KPI measurement, paint and materials usage and workshop productivity analysis. The  system monitors all emissions, ventilation, paint consumption, energy consumption, spraying times ...and is acutely sensitive to all internal VOC levels, with instant notification alarms activated if agreed levels are exceeded.

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  • Easy one touch operating mode selection // A single illuminated start button makes it simple to change between individual operation modes in your CARHEAL system. Each mode has a set of predetermined parameters specified for each repair process - Taking into account the temperature in the portal (heating/air condition levels), the airflow, the electronics (on/off), alarm controls, lighting settings, etc.






  • Advanced 3-stage Filtration System.


    The Carheal air re-circulation system saves energy and eliminates VOC contamination via the unique filtration stages. The filtration system includes... 

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  • Advanced LED lighting system

    Crisp and clear illumination, Flicker free lighting, Energy-Efficient, Explosion-proof

    Lighting is "non-flicker" and supplied by 2 x LED energy efficient lighting rods on each SmartWall. Easy to clean ATEX LED lighting frames provide the work area with a minimum 4700 lux lights which is ideal for paint repair & re-finishing.

    54W system effekt  //  4.000 kelvin  //  4.350 lumen  //  Opal  //  Colur CRI/RA 90  //  A.T.X Zone 2, 21 & 22

Other SmartWall options

HBC System is the global market leader and manufacturer of Smart Repair or minor damage products, operating in over 80 countries worldwide. Our product range is comprehensive and manufactured to the highest standards. As a result we are truly a global business, supplying market leading brands and enjoying international insurer recommendations and worldwide approvals from vehicle manufacturers. Our products have been specifically designed to repair dents, damage to paintwork, plastic, leather, vinyl, alloys and glass - quickly and cost effectively and in line with our repair not replace philosophy ...

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