The XXL Trolley is equipped with a wide
array of our Smart Repair Systems.

It contains all the necessary systems needed to complete a high-end repair of a cigarette burn, damaged leather, scratched bumper, chipped windscreen or damaged alloy wheel.

Trolley XXL

The Trolley XXL is excellent for workshops as all the smart repair systems have been assembled in a mobile cabinet. Unlike the Master and the Premium trolleys the XXL does not include our PDR system.

Smart Repair Services included in the Trolley XXL

Four steps showing how the HBC system's fabric and velour repair product repairs damage in fabric and velour and becomes almost invisible repairs.

Fabric / Velour

Four steps showing how the HBC system's Plastic, Leather, Vinyl repair product repairs damage and becomes almost invisible repairs.

Plastic, Leather, Vinyl

Wear on the color surface of the leather interior can be repaired using the HBC Systems color mixing system.

Paint Mixing

Unevenness or holes in structured surfaces in the car can be repaired using the Texture Repair system from HBC System.


Shows how the coatings for plastic / vinyl repair discolouration of car interiors.
Plastic / Vinyl Coating
A cracked windscreen is repaired with HBC Systems Windscreen Repair System.


Before and after repair of painted alloy wheel on car were alloy wheel are scratched.
Alloys – Painted
Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) repair tools are not included

Paintless Dent Removal

Dent Pulling products are not included

Dent Pulling

Paint Protection products are not included

Paint Protection

Protection Shields products are not included

Protection Shields

Leather Care products are not included

Leather Care

Plastic Welding products are not included

Plastic Welding

Polished alloy smart repair products are not included

Alloys – Polished

Chipfix smart repair products are not included


Headlight Repair products are not included
Headlight Repair
Odour Removal products are not included

Odour Removal

The brand new generation of "All-in-One Trolleys" from HBC system are now even more versatile and better equipped than ever before. We have packaged our modular systems in a purpose built and heavy duty 6-drawer steel cabinet with a work table surface and central locking system. The trolley is fully mobile. Lockable castor wheels ensure that you are free to work wherever needed.

Six drawers with "single drawer opening". For built-in convenience, every drawer is designed to fit the HBC Repair systems. The drawers are lined with foam modules, tailored for easy tool layout - ensuring fast and efficient repairs, easier cleanup and organisation. With this state-of-the-art Smart Repair Trolley you always have the right solution ready to go.

This Trolley contains all
hardware, tools and
chemicals required for
each included system.

In addition the Trolley is
supplied with several

Included Accessories ///

Airbrush incl airhose (Part no. 23)
Paint Gun (Part no. 582)
Digital Scale 0,01-500 gram (Part no. 2900)

Comparison Trolley Range

Trolley Range