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Leasing or Financing?

HBC System offer a variety of finance agreements on attractive terms that can aid both you and your business.


Smart Repair Systems / Diamond Cut Wheel Machine / Installation / Transport / Training.

  • Don’t tie up precious capital in equipment that loses value. Instead, safeguard your liquidity by leasing your complete SMART REPAIR SYSTEMS and DIAMOND CUT WHEEL MACHINE.

    Our attractive leasing terms protect your capital and give you greater leverage and leeway when it comes to credit lines with banks and suppliers. The capital cost is spread across the leased item’s entire service life. Gone are the days of buying equipment outright before it has begun to pay its way.

  • Our SMART REPAIR SYSTEMS and DIAMOND CUT WHEEL MACHINE local leasing partners offers you even more. With our trade-up option, you can replace your leased items with newer technology within the term of contract — without necessarily increasing your leasing payments.

    Please contact us for a leasing offer which can include not just SMART REPAIR SYSTEMS or the DIAMOND CUT WHEEL MACHINE, but also complete installations, transportation and SMART REPAIR TRAINING – all can be included in your monthly payment from 1 to 60 month.

  • Our local leasing partners provides made-to-measure answers to the imperatives of your business. We offer uniquely advantageous terms normally reserved for major one-off leasing arrangements in a defined number of small-ticket items within a given time period (normally 12 months).

  • Our LEASING have some key advantages:   

      Safeguard your liquidity

      Improve your company’s credit rating

      Enjoy reliable budgeting on the basis of consistent leasing payments

      Be sure of access to cutting-edge technology

      Leasing available from a purchase price of 1000 EURO (net)




Smart Repair with a Danish state guarantee 

  • HBC system cooperates with EKF, Denmark’s Export Credit Agency, who is happy to consider the possibility of financing together with your bank or ours.

    Why choose EKF

    With EKF to bear the risk you benefit from being backed by the Danish state when you purchase goods and services from your Danish supplier.

      EKF makes long-term financing possible
      EKF secures stable financing at competitive rates
      EKF diversifies your financing sources.

  • Finance your Wheel Restore Diamond Cut Machine with FSG and receive the service plan* for free.


    * Full details on included services available at fsg-finance.com

  • After the 48-month agreement expire we will provide a buy-back or a renewal option. Return, refresh, or purchase which ever option fits your need.

    Request a rental agreement

  • How much?

    EKF offers project assessment and advice free of charge. The premium depends on your country, creditworthiness, currency, general market conditions and the repayment term. In addition to this, you pay rates and charges to the bank. The total costs are typically lower than the market average. We can also provide you with an indicative offer.

  • How it works

    You plan to buy goods from Denmark and prefer to buy on credit. EKF provides a bank with a guarantee for a credit facility and assumes the greater share of the risk. You then secure financing from the bank and can go ahead and purchase goods or services from Denmark under an advantageous financial arrangement.

  • EKF is Denmark’s official export credit agency. We help Danish companies to make it possible and attractive for customers abroad to purchase products and services from Denmark. We do this by providing guarantees to Danish and international banks. With EKF to bear the risks, you are well placed to secure financing for your business transactions on competitive terms. With an EKF guarantee, you benefit from AAA rated Danish state support.

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