Ozone air cleaning for eliminating odours in cars, caravans, rooms - without the use of chemicals

Ozone Odour removal unit

The Ozone Odour removal unit

Combats odour nuisances in a cars, caravans and rooms. Designed to sanitize enclosed areas (cars, rooms, etc.) for mold, bacteria, viruses and will eliminate all odours without the use of chemicals

Utilizing the patented UV-C & OZONE Technology. The odour does not return, unless the pollutant is still present. Elimination of mould fungis up to 99,9%.

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Type of Repairs

Ozone air cleaning for permanent removal of odours in cars and caravans using UV-C & OZONE air cleaning Technology.

Max. Size of Repairs

125 m3

Operating Hours

8000 hours (lamp)

Time of Repairs (avg.)

30-60 min.

Depending on pollution level

Highly beneficial for use in:

Car dealerships
Car rental agencies
Leasing companies, fleet owners
Taxi & ride-sharing companies
Hospitals, nursing homes
Hotels, Restaurants
Caravan dealers, etc.

Pure physical process, no chemicals

Advantageous compared to filters

No negative impact on the environment

Reliable and secure operation

Minimum / little maintenance

Easy to install and operate

Small investment

Mobile / Easy to move

FUNCTION: Under controlled circumstances UV-C light arises in system H. This light generates / produces ozone (O3) in connection with the natural oxygen (O2) content in the air; this happens in the same way as with sunbeams. By using this method no harmful nitrogen oxides (NOX) arise. This happens, when ozone is being generated by an electric discharge, such as welding or duplicating / copying.

Ozone has the ability to combine with organic substances in the air such as Nicotine, and the ozone oxidizes these. Thereby the bacteria, vira and spores present in the air are being eliminated. During the cleaning process the smelling air in the room is being sucked into the Ozone system, and it passes the special HBC lamp. In connection with this, the treated and disinfected air is being led back to the room with an ozone residue.