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  • We have an extensive portfolio of private label customers including car manufacturers, paint producers, coating brands, large retailers, etc.

  • What we offer:

    Comparatively low minimum order quantity (MOQ). We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers.

    Competitive pricing.

    360 Degree branding. Everything from technical manuals to safety data sheets, to the POS materials. We can supply you with everything from start to finish, and everything in between.

    In-house label production & design.

    Systemized flexible production. Each system is prepared using stock consumables. All products are labelled upon sale (with labels adapted to the market in question). This way our stock is flexible when supplying different countries.

    Comprehensive software containing all relevant recipes enable us to weigh and mix our products (as well as other chemical products) which are subsequently filled into aerosol or any size container.

    Expeditious, Reliable & Confidential!  We are able to fast track private label shipments. From design to approval to production and shipment. We waste no time! - and all our private label supply agreements are of course kept confidential.

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