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    car mat repair

    Repair damages, wear and tear in fabric or velour seats, trim or upholstery. Strong, permanent and virtually invisible repairs! Product range covers everything needed to repair/protect seats, head liners, panels, carpets etc. Also ideal for caravans, boats, etc.

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    car interior trim repair

    Repair of scratches and damages in plastic, leather and vinyl. It makes it possible to repair hard and flexible plastic, both interior and exterior parts, bumpers, dashboards, as well as leather and vinyl components. Range includes colour scanning unit and software.

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    car scratch repair

    Our paint repair systems allows you to touch-up and spot repair paint chips and scratches. Range includes colour matching software, drying equipment and all the chemicals and hardware necessary for you to repair a variety of damages.


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    windscreen chip repair

    Fastest repair system available! Our windscreen repair/replacement systems have been designed to provide professional quality repairs consistently combined with maximum ease of use. Used by windscreen repair techs in many countries and approved by car manufacturers.

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    car headlight repair

    The Headlight repair systems from HBC offer a fast and easy way to restore the clarity to headlight lenses that have become dull over time at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Two component system with 5 year warranty or UV protection coat in aerosol.

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    alloy wheel repair

    Professionally repair and refurbish kerbed, scratched and corroded alloy rims, whether originally painted, machine polished, diamond cut or clearcoated. Manual or fully automatic machines. Providing you with the highest quality finish and the quickest turnaround time available.

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    paintless dent removal

    Our range of custom designed PDR tools and complete systems enables inexpensive repair of small dents without having to repaint the car - preserving the original paint. Tested by PDR specialists and manufactured in durable high carbon stainless steel. 

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    opholstry repair

    The Ozone Odour removal unit combats odour nuisances in a cars, caravans, boats or rooms. Utilizing the patented UV-C & OZONE Technology you can now permanently eliminate and remove any unpleasant odours - without using any chemicals. 


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    caravan dent repair

    HBC system has successfully designed & developed a specialist repair process which has been rigorously tested and now features a world-wide patent. Traditionally damaged panels (whole side of the vehicle), would have to be replaced which is hugely expensive ...

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    car surface protection system

    GlassCoat Paint protection, fabric and velour upholstery guards, leather upholstery and interior protection, uv-protective coating for polycarbonate headlights ...

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    smart repair trolleys

    Everything the SMART repair specialist needs in one mobile solution. The brand new generation of "All in One SMART repair trolleys" from HBC system are now even more versatile and better equipped than ever before. We have packaged our modular systems in ...

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    Alloy Wheel Diamond Cut Machine

    designed from the ground up to be a refinishing machine for alloy wheels - to produce a great finish of the same standard as larger CNC lathe machines while being faster and smaller. Leaving you with more workshop space and better turnaround time....


    Our polish line has been created for max performance and outstanding results while keeping the work process intuitive, simple and fast 

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