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  • Alloy wheel paint Trolley // OEM matched color system
    Exclusive factory matched alloy wheel colours from leading brands such as Ford, VW/AUDI, Mercedes, Honda ....
    Alloy wheel paint Trolley // OEM matched color system
    Exclusive factory matched alloy wheel colours from leading brands such as Ford, VW/AUDI, Mercedes, Honda ....
  • HBC system is introducing the latest water-based paint system for refinishing alloy wheels. Packaged in a mobile trolley solution.

    The most advanced, easy to use wheel paint system on the market! Designed in conjunction with vehicle manufacturers the system provides: Original factory matched colours including all leading manufacturers such as Ford , VW/AUDI, Mercedes, Honda, Porsche etc.

    With the system you can repair many kinds of smaller scratches, parking damaged and other kind of damaged on polished high gloss  aluminum wheels, aluminum frames on motorbikes, and other aluminum parts. It is an easy to use system, the user does not require to join a training session to be able to start the first repairing jobs.

The HBC Alloy Wheel Paint System is a must for anyone looking to produce a factory finish repair - first time!

  • 4th Gen. Water Borne technology. Using the latest world wide available pigments and resins of the highest quality.

    Excellent technology. Shake and pour technology with no need for stirring, saving time for the operator.

    Fast drying. Offers increased in productivity and greater material durability, saving time and increasing profitability.


  • Fully compliant. Meets the needs & requirements of the latest environmental legislation.

    Superb opacity. Less coats required to achieve full colour reproduction, due to high quality pigments and concentration of pigments, again produces quality results and increases productivity & less paint usage.

    Aerosols are Toulene Free which is a major advantage in terms of Health & Safety as Toulene is carcinogenic

  • Type of Repairs
    Damaged painted and polished alloy rims.

  • Max. Size of Repairs
    Ø 10 cm (or complete paint jobs) 
    depending on the type of damage

  • Number of Repairs (avg.)
    depending on damage size and condition

  • Time of Repairs (avg.)
    20-30 min.
    Depending on repair type & skill level


  • Vehicle manufacturer colour matched. 

    All colours are matched to exacting standards giving fantastic results. This eliminates the risk of colour mis-match and repainting the wheel, allowing the operator to paint one wheel on the car rather than 2 on the same side to match the colour.

    Wheel paints are also matched to non particulate super bright (chromes) not available on car schemes offering a unique technical advantage, which means you can cover most wheels in the market.


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HBC System is the global market leader and manufacturer of Smart Repair or minor damage products, operating in over 80 countries worldwide. Our product range is comprehensive and manufactured to the highest standards. As a result we are truly a global business, supplying market leading brands and enjoying international insurer recommendations and worldwide approvals from vehicle manufacturers. Our products have been specifically designed to repair dents, damage to paintwork, plastic, leather, vinyl, alloys and glass - quickly and cost effectively and in line with our repair not replace philosophy ...

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