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  • Fabric and Velour Repair Systems

    Repair damages in fabric and velour seats, trim or upholstery.

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    fabric repair fibre system

    This professional all-in-one system allows you to repair damages in fabric and velour seats, trim or upholstery. Strong, permanent and virtually invisible repairs! As standard the system contains 40 different fibers, which can be mutually mixed to ...

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    fabric paint system

    Developed to spray on carpets and other fabrics in cars, trucks and similar areas with fabrics. The colour coat is 100% flexible and easy to spray on stains, sun damaged areas as wells as areas not reachable with a vacuum cleaner. The spray is also ...

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    fabric protection spray

    To protect any interior and upholstery fabrics from unwanted spills and stains, it is recommended that you coat them with the Fabric Protection Shield to prolong the lifespan. Protect seats, carpets and other upholstered parts against mud and dirt ...

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