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  • Plastic, Leather and Vinyl Repair Systems

    Repair scuffs, cuts, tears, and stains in plastic, leather or vinyl interior and upholstery with the extensive product range available from HBC system. Restoring the original look and feel.

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    leather glue system

    B1 Glue system for the repair of scratches and damages in plastic, leather and vinyl with a complete assortment of adhesives. Simply copy the structure from an undammaged part.

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    leather repair system

    System B2 is the complete solution for repairing surface damages while maintaining the original structure on interior and exterior parts. Excellent for professional repairs of surface damages in all types of structures. This is a complete texture system that surpasses ...

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    leather interior repair

    B3 Aqua and B3 Scan dye for all soft, hard, and flexible materials. Match the colour fast and easy with colour swatch or colour scanner.

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    leather color matching tool

    CAPSURE accurately measures the colour on smooth, textured or patterned object, with an intuitive user inteface with preloaded colour systems and management.

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    colour analysis tool

    No more hassle finding the right colour. Using sophisticated colour analysis software and professional spectrophotometer we can provide the exact “recipe” and deliver perfect colour matches every time. The original leather and vinyl is scanned with ...

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    leather coatings

    With the coatings for leather, plastic/vinyl or fabric/velour you can fast and inexpensively fix discolouration of interior parts with a large assortment of different colours and finishes. If a colour needs to be freshened up or changed completely, then the coating ...

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    leather cleaning system

    Clean and protect leather upholstery and interior components to the original natual suface sheen, without leaving a greasy film.

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    B6 plastic welding system for craced bumpers, trimming and other plastic parts on all types of vehicles and boats. Professional thermoplastic repairs on the move.

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