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  • Plastic Welding System // System B6
    full system for repairing cracked bumpers and interior / exterior plastic trim
    Plastic Welding System // System B6
    full system for repairing cracked bumpers and interior / exterior plastic trim
  • With the B6 Plastic Welding System

    - it is possible to repair hard and flexible plastic, both interior and exterior parts, bumpers, as well as all other plastic components.

    B6 is an all-purpose, portable plastic welding kit for repairing not just automotive parts bul also truck, motorcycle, tanks, tarps, liners, conveyor belts and marine body parts as well as other thermoplastic products of all types.

    The HBC Plastic Welding kit includes everything necessary to make professional quality thermoplastic repairs in the field and in the shop. The welding system from HBC system is the most professional system for high-end plastic welding repairs.


    Uni-Weld FiberFlex Bumper covers, interior parts (not suitable on fuel tanks)
    Polyethylene PE,LDPE ATV fenders, gas tanks, overflow tanks, kayaks
    Polypropylene PP,PP+EPDM Bumper covers, fuel tanks, fan shrouds
    Nylon PA,PA-6 Radiator, manifolds, oil pans, trim panels, rocker panels
    Polycarbonate PC Rigid bumper covers, interior trim
    ABS Grills, instrument panels, consoles, interior trim
    Polyurethane PUR, RIM Bumper covers, padded dash boards
    TPO,TEO,TPE Bumper covers, exterior trim, interior trim


  • Type of Repairs
    Welding of cracked and broken plastic components

  • Max. Size of Repairs
    25 cm

  • Number of Repairs (avg.)
    Approx. 120
    depending on damage size and condition

  • Time of Repairs (avg.)
    10-15 min.
    Depending on repair type & skill level

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  • plastic repair welding
  • pleastic repair system

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