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  • Paintless Dent Removal Systems (PDR)

    Paintless dent removal equipment and PDR tools enables an inexpensive repair of small dents without a repaint of the car being necessary - the original paint is preserved.

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    Dent removal for small dents

    Our range of custom designed PDR systems (Paintless dent removal) enables an inexpensive repair of small dents without having to repaint the car - preserving the original paint. The versatility of our PDR tools and systems including adjustable multi-angle...

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    Dent removal with magnetic tools

    The Magnetic Dent removal system is an essential PDR training tool. The training of eye-hand coordination is one of the most difficult exercises when training Paintless Dent Repair. Trainees often spend several hours or days before they can find the exact location...

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    multi adjustable dent removal handle

    Our multi adjustable dent removal handles allow the technician to quickly change the working position. Just one simple click, and the dent removal tool is ready to operate in the new angle. Allowing PDR technicians the perfect leverage angle for removing dents...

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    magnetic dent removal pulling inductor

    Our new Electro-Magnetic Dent Removal System with a custom designed Dent pulling inductor is ideal for repairing small soft dents on the car body without retouching the paint. Unlike traditional PDR tools, there is no need to meticulously massage dents ...

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    Glue pulling for dent removal

    With the Glue pulling dent removal technique you basically repair dents by attaching tips to the affected area using our custom hot glues. The dent is then lifted/pulled using our spring loaded lifting tools. The centre of the dent has now been raised significantly and ...

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    lighting for car dent removal

    Adjustable and flexible PDR lamps and light systems. When you are doing paintless dent removal, optimum light conditions are essential, especially in the case of final inspections.Reflective lamps or boards illuminate the affected area ...

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