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  • Magnetic Dent Removal systems (PDR) // System G
    Magnetic Roller Tip is custom designed for new PDR technicians
    Magnetic Dent Removal systems (PDR) // System G
    Magnetic Roller Tip is custom designed for new PDR technicians
  • The Magnetic Dent system is an essential PDR training tool. The training of eye-hand coordination is one of the most difficult exercises when training Paintless Dent Repair. 

    A steel ball on top of the panel follows the PDR tip wherever it goes which makes it much easier to find the exact location of the tip of the tool.

    Trainees often spend several hours or days before they can find the exact location of the tip of the tool. HBC system has managed to find a solution for this issue by producing a PDR training tool with a magnetic tip. 

    Magnetic System (Part no. 13985) - Complete kit including door bar and extensions for 9 bar combinations. Includes 3 bars, 2 tip sizes, suction cup line board, wedge, hooks, hammer, punch, 2 extensions, 10 surface bbs.

  • Type of Repairs
    Hail damage, parking dents and similar damages.

  • Max. Size of Repairs
    Ø 10 cm

  • Number of Repairs (avg.)

  • Time of Repairs (avg.)
    Depending on repair type & skill level

  • Magnetic PDR Roller Tip tool is a significant improvement especially in training purposes for the less experienced PDR technicians. The magnetic roller tip makes PDR work accessible to everyone.

    Magnetic PDR Tool (Part no. 13999)
    Black plastic handle, heat treated steel
    Length 80 cm / Ø 10mm
    Magnetic tip system including 4pcs. steel balls

  • PDR Tools designed and manufactured by HBC system in Denmark.

    Our PDR production line uses several different kinds of high carbon steel qualities to produce our PDR tools, and multiple quality control tests have determined that our material exceeds the stainless steel tools in strength. The high quality carbon stainless steel is a costly and hard tempered spring steel. The process of the heat treated  PDR tools has been developed over years and is the highest quality in the world. Labs and PDR technicians all over the world have performed millions of quality tests in order to ensure a production of the highest quality possible. The HBC - PDR range is tested and homologated by leading car manufacturers and PDR technicians. Our tools are carefully designed for the professional PDR technician. Each tool size and design fits a logical sequence of usability conditions. Our tool designs define the standard industry practices and conditions in the automotive industry by prioritizing the ergonomics and working ranges required by the dent technician.

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