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  • Interested in a new business opportunity?
    Whether you want to expand your existing business or you are looking to establish a brand-new business, SMART repair can help you turn little damages into big business.
    Interested in a new business opportunity?
    Whether you want to expand your existing business or you are looking to establish a brand-new business, SMART repair can help you turn little damages into big business.
  • What is SMART Repair?

    SMART stands for Small (to) Medium Area Repair Technology.

  • Or in other words: tools and methods to repair minor cosmetic damages. These include repair techniques for interior repairs, glass repairs, wheel refurbishment, dent repair, and spot repair. // See all systems here

    Repairs take less time to fix and requires fewer resources, making them not only cost efficient but highly profitable.

HBC system SMART repair is cosmetic damage repair made


  • Why should YOU offer SMART Repairs?

    Statistics show that approximately 40% of the cars that enter a workshop for service and maintenance have 2,2 minor cosmetic damages that are never repaired. Most often because of high costs and inconvenience to the owner.

  • Different kinds of SMART Repair:

    It is completely up to you whether you want to be proficient in and able to do repairs with all the HBC SMART repair systems or you prefer to specialize in one or two systems. There is a broad spectrum to choose from – depending on your business plan. Click the individual systems below for detailed information:

  • fabric repair

    Fabric seats, carpets, headliner repair
    Repair Time (est.)
    35 min.
    Repair price Europe
    60-150 Euro
  • leather repair

    Leather, vinyl, plastic, trim repairs
    Repair Time (est.)
    60 min.
    Repair price Europe
    130-300 Euro
  • spot paint repair

    Spot Repair - hand size / less than 1 panel
    Repair Time (est.)
    40 min.
    Repair price Europe
    85-300 Euro
  • windscreen repair

    Windscreen - Stone chips / small cracks
    Repair Time (est.)
    10 min.
    Repair price Europe
    30-50 Euro
  • headlight repair

    Headlight Repairs5 year warranty
    Repair Time (est.)
    30 min.
    Repair price Europe
    50-80 Euro
  • aloy wheel repair

    Alloy Wheel Repair
    Repair Time (est.)
    30-60 min.
    Repair price Europe
    70-150 Euro
  • dent removal

    Dent Removal
    Repair Time (est.)
    10 min.
    Repair price Europe
    50-80 Euro
  • car odour removal

    Air Cleaning - Odour removal
    Repair Time (est.)
    20 min.
    Repair price Europe
    30-60 Euro
  • caravan dent repair

    Caravan Dent
    Repair Time (est.)
    90 min.
    Repair price Europe
    500 Euro
  • car paint protection

    GlassCoat - Paint protection
    Application time
    60 min.
    Price Level Europe
    190-300 Euro
  • smart trolley

    All in One - Full Smart Repair Solutions
    Tailor designed for

  • A chance to tap into another market.

    The number of structural damages is decreasing, because the automotive industry is rapidly introducing technology that helps avoid accidents.

    If you take a look at damages in general, around 80% can be categorized as cosmetic damages – not just from accidents but from wear and tear; such as faded headlights, distressed leather seats, stone chips to the windscreen, or kerbed alloy wheels. This is potentially additional profit for your workshop or dealership.

  • It’s cheaper all around. Sort of a win-win.

    Insurance companies will prefer SMART repairs over traditional repairs - sending more business your way.

    You get a bigger chunk of the market, since studies show that more than 40% of all vehicles drive around with one or more minor damages that never gets fixed because of the price and the inconvenience.

    We have done the math, and for a typical workshop, performing just one 30-minute repair a day means an increased profit of €2000 a month. Just one repair.

  • A good customer retention tool.

    You can use SMART repairs to increase customer satisfaction. Compared to conventional repairs, SMART repairs offer high standard repairs at lower costs and on a same day basis. Meaning it is less expensive and more convenient for the customer.

    Let us compare: Traditional repair vs. the SMART way.

    The traditional way of repairing dings and dents and scratches would often involve a lot of time spent disassembling and reassembling, maybe transportation to a sub supplier – like a paint shop - and definitely a request for a courtesy car for the customer. Making it inconvenient and time consuming for both the customer and the repair shop.

  • Where to offer SMART repairs.

    Remember to consider your 4 P’s: Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. HBC system can help you cover all four; quality products from ONE supplier + cost effective set-up and help to calculate Return of Investment + SMART Repair Marketing packages customized for your place of business.

  •   Auto Repair Centers

      Car detailer

      Used car operation

      Car valeting business


  • ✓  Bodyshop

    ✓  Tyre Centers

    ✓  Shop-in-shop

    ✓  Mobile service

    ✓  Stand-alone shop

Every successful, long living business starts with a plan.
HBC system can help you with your business plan and help you set up your new business.


    for paint, wheels, glass and interior. 

  • Looking to expand?

    HBC Coating offers a full range of custom designed protection and cleaning products for paint, wheels, glass and interior. These products form our PROTECTION SHIELD range.

    The products are powered by the Coating Warranty App. The app makes it possible to easily issue a warranty, once the coating or polish has been applied. This app also notifies the customer when a warranty is about to expire and reminds them to get a new treatment. A revolutionary approach to customer retention.

    HBC Coating Product Range

  • Why choose HBC system as your SMART Repair supplier?

    We are the global market leader with a comprehensive product range – operating in more than 80 countries. It’s a total business solution – from equipment to training to marketing to new business development. 

    20 years of experience in designing, producing, selling, and perfecting tools for SMART repair have made us experts in providing quality tools for professional craftsmanship. 

Contact us below or call us at +45 70 22 70 70

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