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  • Windshield Repair Systems

    For professional repair of chipped and cracked  windshields.


  • ✓   Windshield repair without heating
    ✓   Higher vacuum
    ✓   Simple and easy process
    ✓   Significantly lower risk of cracks
    ✓   5-15 min. faster than equivalent systems

  • Professional Windshield Repair System


    The two layers of glass on auto windshields are permanently bonded together by a plastic membrane, this stops the glass from falling apart when hit by a stone, and makes repairing possible.

    Windshield repair is by far cheaper than replacing the whole windhield. After the repair, the glass will be as strong as the original.

    The windshield repair system is fully mobile and repairs can be performed anywhere, 5-15 minutes faster than any other repair system on the market.


HBC System is the global market leader and manufacturer of Smart Repair or minor damage products, operating in over 80 countries worldwide. Our product range is comprehensive and manufactured to the highest standards. As a result we are truly a global business, supplying market leading brands and enjoying international insurer recommendations and worldwide approvals from vehicle manufacturers. Our products have been specifically designed to repair dents, damage to paintwork, plastic, leather, vinyl, alloys and glass - quickly and cost effectively and in line with our repair not replace philosophy ...

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