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  • Windshield Repair Systems

    For professional repair of chipped and cracked  windshields.

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    windshield repair system

    This windshield repair system is the fastest windshield repair on the market. Containing of the new patented windshield Repair Bridge Pro G6. Patented windshield injector with vacuum and twist pressure function.

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    windshield cutting

    The windshield cutting system for removing glued windshields from automobiles without using cutting blades or metal wire. The windshield system use a rechargeable electric screwdriver, that does not require much force.


  • ✓   Windshield repair without heating
    ✓   Higher vacuum
    ✓   Simple and easy process
    ✓   Significantly lower risk of cracks
    ✓   5-15 min. faster than equivalent systems

  • Professional Windshield Repair System


    The two layers of glass on auto windshields are permanently bonded together by a plastic membrane, this stops the glass from falling apart when hit by a stone, and makes repairing possible.

    Windshield repair is by far cheaper than replacing the whole windhield. After the repair, the glass will be as strong as the original.

    The windshield repair system is fully mobile and repairs can be performed anywhere, 5-15 minutes faster than any other repair system on the market.


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