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  • Diamond cutting Alloy Wheel Lathe
    Alloy Wheel Lathe // fully automated repair
    Diamond cut alloy wheel damages are on the rise. This wheel lathe gives you the repair advantage.
    Alloy Wheel Lathe // fully automated repair
    Diamond cut alloy wheel damages are on the rise. This wheel lathe gives you the repair advantage.
  • Alloy Wheel Lathe. All you need for diamond cut alloy wheel repair. 

    The fully automated Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Lathe makes you a specialist with the highest quality finish and the quickest repair time available.

    Self plotting system and wheel profile storage, allows you to repair kerbed, scratched and corroded alloys fast and easy.

  • More and more new cars come with diamond cut alloy wheels as standard and the different models available are increasing, and demand for repairs to alloys are rising. The diamond cutting lathe restores wheels up to 26".

  • Every day alloy wheels are beeing damaged from sidewalks, and general use. To bring back the showroom finish, the diamond cut alloy wheel lathe, can give your customers the fast og cost effective repair they want. With an avarage time of repair at only 20 min for a standard 18" wheel.

  • ✓   Precision cutting lathe
    ✓   Simple automated process
    ✓   Repair up to 26" wheels
    ✓   Typical wheel, 20 minute process
    ✓   Self-plotting probe
    ✓   Fast and affordable

  • Type of Repairs
    Kerb damage, break dust, chipped edges on diamond cut alloy wheels.

  • Wheel Size
    Diamond cut alloy wheels
    < 26”
    Tip to be replaced after 60-90 typical wheels

  • Time of Repairs (avg.)
    typical 18’’ wheel,
    20 min.

  • Time of Repairs (avg.)
    Complex wheels,
    30 min.

  • Easy automated repair process  

    Set the start point > Set the end point > Set safe distance / save wheel name > Start probing 
    (Complex wheels require middle points)

    Open G code file > Set tool start point > Start cutting


    X axis travel 360mm
    Z axis travel  500mm
    Max wheel diameter 660mm (26’’)
    Jaw chuck 12’’ with special 3 soft jaws
    Alloy wheel gripping O.D. Range 14’’~26’’
    Bed width 360mm
    Spindle motor / speed 5.5kw / 40-1800r/min

    Max. Measured depth of probe 50 mm
    X axis rapid traverse 4 m/min
    Z axis rapid traverse 6 m/min
    Cutting feed rate range 0.005-100 mm/r
    Machine dimensions 2100 x 1700 x 1950 mm
    Packing Size (L x W x H) 2420 x 1800 x 2100 mm
    Weight - N.W. / G.W 2300/ 2400 kg


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