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Diamond cut wheel damages are on the rise. This wheel lathe gives you the repair advantage.

Diamond cut machine which is ready to repair a diamond cut alloy wheel

Alloy Wheel CNC Lathe.

All you need for diamond cut alloy wheel repair.

The fully automated Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Lathe makes you a specialist with the highest quality finish and the quickest repair time available.

Self plotting system and wheel profile storage, allows you to repair kerbed, scratched and corroded alloys fast and easy.

More and more new cars come with diamond cut alloy wheels as standard and the different models available are increasing, and demand for repairs to alloys are rising. The diamond cutting lathe restores wheels up to 30".

Before and after of an alloy wheel repair

Every day alloy wheels are being damaged from sidewalks, and general use. To bring back the showroom finish, the diamond cut alloy wheel lathe, can give your customers the fast and cost effective repair they want. With an avarage time of repair at only 20 min for a standard 18" wheel.

Software that is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

The Alloy Wheel Repair Machine features a customized software, crafted and engineered in Denmark, which provides a straightforward and comprehensive visual representation of every repair step through its touch screen interface. Our interface is entirely optimized for alloy repair, setting it apart from similar machines that are often repurposed CNC lathes, resulting in larger and unnecessarily complicated workshop installations, accompanied by rudimentary and convoluted user software.


While cutting a rim, the machine can now be programmed to perform up to 3 consecutive cuts without requiring the operator's presence, enabling the operator to focus on other tasks concurrently.


By calibrating the machine to determine the distance between the laser and cutting tool, it can deliver quicker and more precise outcomes with consistent accuracy.


The diagnostics screen offers a comprehensive assessment of the machine, examining the proper functioning of all sensors, lasers, buttons, and software. This detailed analysis can enhance support and troubleshooting capabilities.

Quick modes

The machine offers three straightforward modes with preset parameters, including tool cut depth, feed rate, and RPM, to facilitate the rim cutting process and eliminate the need to recall individual settings. Additional features include:

✓ Precision cutting lathe
✓ Simple automated process
✓ Refurbishes diamond-cut rims up to 30 inches
✓ Typical wheel, 20 minute process
✓ Self-plotting laser probe
✓ Fast and affordable
✓ A 12-inch touch panel display

Capable of restoring a wheel without removing the tire first.

The WR-DCM3 machine offers a unique advantage in the market by being able to repair wheels without the need to remove the tire first. This saves time for garages and technicians, allowing them to focus on other tasks. Both summer and winter tires can be repaired in conjunction with storage, making the repair process even more efficient during slower periods

Wheel Restore App

Our Wheel Restore app now makes it easy to document the repair process. After completing a repair with the WR-DCM3 machine, a unique QR code is generated, which allows you to:

> Email the specifications of the alloy repair.
> Create a sticker with the repair specs and attach it to the wheel.
> Utilize a laser printer to print the QR code on the wheel.
> Save the information in a database for future reference.

Light enough to be installed in the back of a van.

Faster operation. 15 min. per wheel.

Runs off a single-phase socket allowing it to be fully portable.

Laser Probing for precise, fast wheel shape analysis.

Machine is movable with a standard pallet jack.

Ultra-quiet operation. Low noise level.

Create your own mobile wheel-workshop //

The WR-DCM3 Diamond Cut Machine was created to be adaptable, with a design that emphasizes versatility. Its solid yet compact structure enables it to be effortlessly placed in the back of a van or truck, making it an ideal component of a mobile repair service.

At a size of 990 x 1020 x 1800 mm and a weight of only 450 kg, the machine can be set up in a standard high van. It operates using a single-phase socket and incorporates advanced noise reduction technology for ultra-quiet operation, which significantly expands the range of locations where it can be parked or operated.

Wheel-Radius Assessment Tool

The outer edge of certain rims may have a rounded shape that can be achieved with the WR-DCM3. With the assistance of our radius tool, you can determine the appropriate radius measurement for the rim and then programmed the machine to produce it accordingly.

radisu tool for WR-DCM3 Diamond Cut Machine

Service and Support Platform (SAS)

Service and support portal, with user manuals, training videos, repair cards, scheduled updates, and a ticket system for quick support. From quick to complex questions, our online support platform helps you resolve issues and avoid unnecessary downtime.

Wheel Restore service and support platform

Electronic Spindle Brake


In the repair process, waiting periods can be a source of frustration and inefficiency. Once a cutting pass or deburring is completed, it can take up to 20 seconds for the wheel to come to a complete stop before the door can be opened. If multiple passes are required, this waiting time can accumulate to over a minute per wheel. By incorporating an electronic spindle brake, you can potentially save approximately 15-20 minutes each day, which translates to being able to an additional wheel repair per day! Installation is straightforward with the provided manual.

Designed and manufactured in Denmark


The Wheel Restore equipment range draws on our extensive experience in the wheel repair industry, having established ourselves as the world's leading manufacturer of the Diamond Cut Repair Machine, as well as pioneering unique air cleaning technologies for the spray booth market.

Dimensions for WR-DCM3 Diamond Cut Machine

Specifications WR-DCM3

X axis travel655 mm
Z axis travel 350 mm
Max wheel diameter30’’
Power Supply230 / 110V 16Amps
Dimensions (L x W x H)990 (1405) x 1020 (1100) x 1690 (1730) mm
Weight450 kg
Touch Display Size12"

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Whhel Restore product range
Alloy Wheel Diamond Cut Machine

Alloy Wheel Diamond Cut Machine

The fully automated Wheel Restore Machine from HBC system provides you with the highest quality finish and the quickest turnaround time available. The majority of new cars are fitted with diamond cut alloy wheels as standard and the different designs available are increasing. Our fully automated Alloy Wheel Repair Centre provides you with the highest quality finish and the quickest turnaround time available ...
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Alloy Wheel Repair System - Polished

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