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  • Spot and Paint Repair Systems

    Our spot repair systems allows you to touch-up and spot repair paint chips and scratches.

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    spot repair paint chips

    This spot paint repair system allows you to touch-up and spot repair paint chips and scratches. It includes all the chemicals and hardware necessary for you to repair a variety of damages and also includes our innovative Colour Match Software.

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    Glasurit Spot Repair System

    Glasurit Spot Paint Repair System is the professional kit for economical repairs of minor paint damage. It contains all the equipment and paint that you will need to match and repair small paint damage to virtually any colour vehicle.

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    repair of scratches and or stonechips

    For the repair of scratches and or stonechips on all types of vehicles. Chipfix from HBC system provides for the first time a stand-alone system and fast, low cost option for the repair of stone-chips and minor paint damage, scuffs, scratches.

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    UV-A1 Spot repair system

    A Spot paint repair from start till finish within 33 minutes including curing time, even if the repair needs filler! It sounds too good to be true, but this is now achievable with the NEW and unique HBC UV-A1 Spot repair system.

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    paint application system

    Save 40% on paint while producing a perfect finish! The innovative paint application system offers power and precision plus the atomizing pressure necessary to produce flawless results with all automotive coatings.

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    ceramic glass resin

    Easy to apply Paint protection. Protects paint finishes against damage from machine car washes, environmental conditions for up to a 7 year period. It is a ceramic glass resin, that when applied to your paint provides.

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