The ultimate in versatility: our Paint Booth does it all. From eliminating all VOCs to efficiently recycling the air, it's a game-changer. Plus, it's effortlessly set up or moved, making it a breeze to use.

Recirculating Paint Booth

Experience next-level versatility with this exceptional Paint Booth – a true industry standout. Its advanced filtration system filters out all VOCs to efficiently recycle clean air in a closed loop, self-sufficient solution, ensuring a clean and healthy working environment.

Designed explicitly for smaller spray painting and sanding jobs, as well as preparation work, the Paint Booth allows you to repair minor damage on the spot without disrupting the workflow in your workshop.

Flexible, fully self-contained paint booth.

An enclosed workspace of 2 x 2 x 2 meters makes it the optimal solution for those who want to offer simple paintwork repairs in a smaller area of their repair workshop. Or for paint shops that require a separate space for the smaller and quicker paint jobs to not interfere with the production flow of their larger spray-painting jobs. Ensuring more repairs, increased revenue, and shorter lead times.

Closed Loop System

The Recirculation Paint Booth operates seamlessly within a self-contained loop, ensuring a self-sufficient environment without the necessity of permanent constructions or additional ventilation setups. This not only simplifies the installation process but also enhances the flexibility, making it an ideal choice for a wide array of industrial applications. The absence of side posts for the roof allows for accommodating larger objects within the booth.

Modular Design.
Easy Assembly - est. 6 hours

Our paint booth is easy and fast to set up, but also remarkably simple to relocate, adapting to your evolving needs. Its cutting-edge design goes beyond, featuring advanced ventilation, temperature control, and customizable configurations.


Recirculation Paint Booth

Consists of

Roof with inlet pipes.

2 Side curtains.

Access front strip see-through curtain.

2 ATEX approved high LUX LED lights.

The Smartwall Extraction Unit is not included.

Why the Smartwall Extraction Unit is Indispensable

1 – Smartwall
2 – Fans – 220/110 Volt (ATEX) x 2
3 – Activated Carbon Filters x 26
4 – Paint stop & particle inlet filters x 3
5 – Connect up to 4 exhaust hoses
6 – Paint Stop Inlet Filter x 2

Innovative 4-Stage Filtration System

Differential pressure switches monitor airflow pressure and indicate when filters need replacing.

Paint Arrestor

(Paper Media) to collect the dissociative particles.


(Synthetic Media) to collect fine particles and dust.

Pleated Box

(Synthetic Media) to pre-filter micro particles & dust.

Carbon Block

(Active Charcoal filter) to reduce fumes and odours.

Activated carbon filter for the smartwall and filterbank extraction units

Zero Pollution Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges

Designed for effective air purification of odors and gasses using a special high-activated carbon (made from natural raw materials).

Includes 26 x filterbags
Filter class: ePM1 60%
Simple bayonet connection
Lightweight frame
Inherently leak-free design
High dust collection capacity
Constant efficiency

Outside / inside diameter: Ø 145 mm / 90 mm
Length: 453 mm
Weight carbon / cartridge: 2,2 kg / 2,8 kg
Thickness carbon bed: 26 mm

Intelligent Monitoring and Documentation System

the digital dashboard not only monitors but also documents all filtration data ensuring compliance anywhere!

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
Air Speed
Differential pressure
Fan speed
Spray gun air feed supply
Electronic components

Smart Repair Paint Booth

Smart Repair Paint Booth

The Mobile Hybrid Paint Booth enables you to paint anywhere. It attaches directly to the damaged area of the car, creating an enclosed space for the perfect spot repair. What truly sets the Mobile Hybrid Spray Booth apart from all equivalent products is the location of the painter. Unlike traditional solutions, the painter is safely located outside the paint booth instead of working on the inside, along with dangerous fumes and substances. Meaning that a paint job can be achieved completely without a mask, glasses, etc.
Filterbank and Smartwall - extraction

Filterbank and Smartwall - extraction

The SmartWall and the Filterbank are unique state-of-the-art repair solutions for air cleaning, doing minor damage, and non-structural repairs inside a workshop where dust and fume extraction is necessary. These units clean the air by filtering out all the VOCs and pushing out clean air! Plus, the digital dashboard allow you to document proof of filtration with tons of data, ensuring compliance anywhere!
Recirculating Paint Booth

Recirculating Paint Booth

A versatile Paint Booth for minor damage repairs. It efficiently filters out VOCs, recycling clean air in a closed-loop for a self-sufficient, clean work zone. Tailored for smaller tasks like spray painting and sanding.
Wheel Paint Booth - Automated

Wheel Paint Booth - Automated

World’s first fully automatic Wheel Painting Machine. A patented, robot, capable of painting both sides of a wheel from start to finish, fully automated, utilizing either a regular spray gun or an aerosol. Eliminates any guesswork or inconsistencies when painting wheels!
Wheel Spray Booth

Wheel Spray Booth

The Wheel Spray Booth, a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance the alloy wheel painting process. With the capacity to prep or spray two rims simultaneously, this innovative bay maximizes efficiency and productivity.