UV-A1 ensures extremely fast curing times! 33 minute spot repairs from start till finish!

UV-A1 products and UV-A1 refinishing lamp for repairing scratches in car paint

A spot repair from start till finish

within 33 minutes including curing time - even if the repair requires filler! This is now achievable with the unique UV-A1 Spot repair system.

Traditional Spot repairs can take between 45-60 minutes, excluding curing time. Larger repairs which need filling can take even longer!

Fast, clean, easy to use and safe for either aerosol or spraygun.

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✓ Extremely fast curing times
✓ Improved efficiency/profitability
✓ Tried and tested system
✓ Usable on all types of materials
✓ Fewer preparation steps
✓ Less waste products

✓ Low material usage
✓ No mixing required
✓ Safe UVA curing
✓ No health and safety risks
✓ Supplied for spraygun / in aerosol
✓ Fast, clean, easy to use

Type of Repairs

Repair of painted panels / components e.g. paint chips, small scratches, bumper corners, mirror covers, chipped door edges, paint scratches, clear coat chips & scuffs.

Max. Size of Repairs

Hand size (A4)

Number of Repairs (avg.)


Depending on damage size and condition

Time of Repairs (avg.)

33 min.

Depending on repair type & skill level

Spot and Paint Repair System - SYROX

Spot and Paint Repair System - SYROX

Syrox is a no-nonsense, easy-to-use, compact paint refinish brand for cars designed to deliver an economical way to work in everyday conditions in bodyshops of all sizes. The specially designed product packaging turns the mixing room on its head. At its heart, Syrox is all about you, the user. Everything - from the functional, specially-designed bottles, to the comprehensive, easy-to-access library of videos – focuses on making your job simpler. Application techniques are familiar so you'll be able to put Syrox to work right away.
Portable Paint Booth

Portable Paint Booth

The Mobile Hybrid Paint Booth enables you to paint anywhere. It attaches directly to the damaged area of the car, creating an enclosed space for the perfect spot repair. What truly sets the Mobile Hybrid Spray Booth apart from all equivalent products is the location of the painter. Unlike traditional solutions, the painter is safely located outside the paint booth instead of working on the inside, along with dangerous fumes and substances. Meaning that a paint job can be achieved completely without a mask, glasses, etc.
Filterbank and Smartwall - extraction

Filterbank and Smartwall - extraction

The SmartWall and the Filterbank are unique state-of-the-art repair solutions for air cleaning, doing minor damage, and non-structural repairs inside a workshop where dust and fume extraction is necessary. These units clean the air by filtering out all the VOCs and pushing out clean air! Plus, the digital dashboard allow you to document proof of filtration with tons of data, ensuring compliance anywhere!
Recirculating Paint Booth

Recirculating Paint Booth

A versatile Paint Booth for minor damage repairs. It efficiently filters out VOCs, recycling clean air in a closed-loop for a self-sufficient, clean work zone. Tailored for smaller tasks like spray painting and sanding.
Wheel Painting Machine - Automated

Wheel Painting Machine - Automated

World’s first fully automatic Wheel Painting Machine. A patented, robot, capable of painting both sides of a wheel from start to finish, fully automated, utilizing either a regular spray gun or an aerosol. Eliminates any guesswork or inconsistencies when painting wheels!
Wheel Spray Booth

Wheel Spray Booth

The Wheel Spray Booth, a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance the alloy wheel painting process. With the capacity to prep or spray two rims simultaneously, this innovative bay maximizes efficiency and productivity.
Chipfix System

Chipfix System

Chipfix is a stand-alone system and a fast, low cost option for the repair of stone-chips and minor paint damage, scuffs and scratches on motor vehicles. Chipfix produces a deep fill, quick shine, fast dry repair and refinish within minutes. The system allows deeper stone chip damage to be built upon to achieve the desired level of fill and make the repair optically almost undetectable.
UV-A1 Spot Repair System

UV-A1 Spot Repair System

A Spot paint repair from start till finish within 33 minutes including curing time, even if the repair needs filler! It sounds too good to be true, but this is now achievable with the NEW and unique HBC UV-A1 Spot repair system.