Practical Information


There is a variety of hotels within a 30 km radius from our HBC system HQ and training facilities.
We recommend that you choose one of the following, when you book your stay in Denmark:

Shell Motel

Address: Hobrovej 12, 9530 Støvring
Phone: +45 96 860 860
(Distance from HBC system: approx. 2 km.)

Comwell Rebild Bakker

Address: Rebildvej 36, 9520 Skørping
Phone: +45 98 39 12 22
(Distance from HBC system: approx. 12 km.)

Comwell Hvide Hus Aalborg

Address: Vesterbro 2, 9000 Aalborg
Phone: +45 98 13 84 00
(Distance from HBC system: approx. 18 km.)


For flight booking, choose Aalborg Airport (AAL) as destination. This is the nearest airport to HBC system HQ and training facilities (approx. 30 km.)


You will need to arrange your individual transport between your hotel and HBC system. Depending on the duration of your stay, make sure to arrange both transportation from and to the airport and daily transportation between your hotel and our training facility at HBC system HQ.


Can be booked by calling
DanTaxi +45 70 25 25 25 or
Aalborg Taxa +45 98 10 10 10

Car rental:

Contact either AVISwebsite
or Europcarwebsite
Both rental services are situated at the airport;
Ny lufthavnsvej 100, DK-9400 Noerresundby.


For training, bring casual clothes or regular work wear – we work with paints and glues. The climate in Denmark is forever changing and we enjoy four very different seasons. Be sure to check the weather forecast - this way, you know how to pack your suitcase. Especially if you’re planning on spending some leisure time in beautiful Denmark while you’re here.


Lunch is included in the training price and will be served at approx. 12.00h. Coffee, tea and water is available throughout the day. Please let us know when booking the course, if you have any special dietary requirements (i.e. allergies). You can buy breakfast and dinner at your hotel.

Training cost

Training is priced at €250 per training day per participant. Should you wish to book a 5 days full training, total price is €1000.

1 day of training:
½ day of training:
5 days full training:

€250 (includes lunch)
€1000 (includes lunch)

Travel expenses, accommodation and subsistence is not included in the price.


From HBC system and training facilities:

Hotel “Shell Motel”:
Hotel “Comwell Rebild Bakker”:
Hotel “Comwell Hvide Hus Aalborg”:
Airport Aalborg:
Dining, cinema, shopping in Aalborg:
Dining, shopping in nearby Stoevring:

Approx.   2 km
Approx. 12 km
Approx. 18 km
Approx. 30 km
Approx. 20 km
Approx.   3 km


We offer trainings to people from all over the world, as we export SMART tools to more than 80 countries. Therefore, most trainings will be in English. Our main trainers in Denmark are Danish and speak fluent English. Our trainers in the Philippines speak Filipino and English.


When having attended an HBC training, you always have the possibility of calling your trainer for follow-up questions. Make sure to get your trainers contact information when attending the training.

Teaching method

It is practice-oriented training. Each training starts with the trainer showing you how to make a repair with the system at hand. Afterwards, all participants train in making a similar repair.


You are free to snap all the photographs you want – for personal use. Should you wish to use photos officially (social media, webpage, marketing, etc.) please consult us beforehand. Also we ask of you to respect the privacy of the other participants.


No need to bring your own tools. We train you in the specific Smart Repair tool product range and all required tools will be at your disposal.


If you have any additional questions,
please contact our training coordinator at,
tel.: +45 7022 7070


After completing the course successfully, you will receive a certificate.


The number of participants vary. We like to keep it to a maximum of 8.


We reserve the right to cancel and/or rescheduled training, if we do not get enough registrations for a course. At your request, you can receive a refund if the training has been paid for separately. If your participation is a part of an agreement (e.g. a distributor agreement) there is no refund – we will reschedule.

Should you wish to cancel your registration, please contact us as soon as possible.

Purchase of tools/kits

During your stay at HBC, the trainer will show you the product range and help you select which tools match your specific needs. The contents of the kits are pre-selected to ensure the right tools for the job at hand. Where additional tools and consumables are available, the trainer will help you select.

Leisure time in Aalborg/Stoevring

The city of Aalborg is the fourth largest city in Denmark – situated approximately 30 km from HBC system headquarters. For details on how to spend your leisure time, go here


You will receive a proforma invoice from our Training Coordinator.
Please make sure to pay the invoice prior to the training.
On the course list, prices are shown without VAT. Your invoice will show both.
If you are located in a EU country, you can reclaim the VAT amount in your own country.


You can either register by using our online BOOKING form.


Most of the trainings are carried out at our headquarters in Denmark:

HBC System, Hobrovej 961-963, DK-9530 Stoevring.

Caravan repair training is carried out at nearby caravan center:

Jysk Caravan Center, Juelstrupparken 26, DK-9530 Stoevring.

We also have training facilities at our office in the Philippines:
Taloto District, CPG North Avenue, 6300 Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines.

For locations of the specific Berner trainings in Germany, please contact Berner for details on venue: +49 (0) 7940 121-489 or go to the Berner website.

Terms of service

You can read our terms of service here.